Butterfly Photos with the Canon Powershot SX10IS

Butterfly Photos with the Canon Powershot SX10IS

Butterfly Photos with the Canon Powershot SX10IS

butterfly photography canon powershot

Butterflies are not easy to photograph because they are really fast and have erratic flying patterns. I have taken a lot of photos at different angles and at different locations. When you come near the butterflies, they take off and you have to run after them which gets in the way of shooting clear and crisp photos.

After many tests using different digital cameras, I prefer the photo quality of the Canon SX10IS digital camera for  butterfly photos over butterfly photos I have taken with the Canon S5IS.

Canon SX10IS digital cameras have a 10MP resolution which gives sharper details than slightly blurry photos on the Canon S5IS. Since butterflies are small and detailed, a high resolution camera helps.

Portraits from a Distance

With the 20x Optical Zoom lens of the Canon  SX10IS combined with the focal length of 28-560mm, this digital camera allows you to shoot any scene from wide-angle to telephoto from a distance. Imagine with only a weight of 560g (excluding the 4 AA batteries), you exceed the normal 400mm lens that a Nature Photographer uses for taking shots of birds in their normal habitat.

No more running after those birds, with just a push of a button, you can just zoom in or zoom out to get your nice clear shot. I have tested the maximum range of a 12x zoom with a 114mm telephoto from one end of a beach to another, all I got was a blurry wide angle shot.

Let me tell you that I have used the 400mm lens for the Nikon SLR at a distance of around 40 feet and its really really heavy. Aside from the fact that it feels like you are using a bazooka on your shoot. Makes for tired arms too since you have to use both hands to carry both the camera body and the lens.

Clear Shots Even at Full Telephoto

The Optical Image Stabilizer technology in the Canon SX10IS automatically detects and corrects camera shake, which is really practical to prevent  fuzzy or blurred shots even at the telephoto mode. It is also very easy to use with or without a flash since it will readjust to the existing lights in your photo.

Face Detection Not in a SLR

The Canon SX10IS also features the Face Self-Timer which takes a shot 2 seconds after a new face appears in the LCD. No need to rush to get inside the photo since the camera will wait for the photographer’s face (ME) to get on-camera, imagine an additional 2 seconds to smile before the shot.  No more scenic shots without you in them. Even better with the historical sites during your travels.

Be a Paparazzi

Controls are still easy to reach and very practical in design. With the 2.5 inch Swiveling LCD screen, you can also use this for those candid shots of a celebrity from a great distance. The advantage of the LCD screen is that you can take pictures without squinting for those with near sighted problems or problems with glare.

The Canon SX10IS is a fast and easy to use digital camera with a very quiet motor, a solid body and a very superb battery life. This camera is a good choice for both an amateur or professional who wants to use the versatility of the point and shoot with the quality of the SLR. A favorite digital camera for taking candid shots at diverse locations, the Canon SX10IS works like a charm. 

I have tried this camera outdoors at butterfly farms as well as indoors for pet photography.  You can’t go wrong with the Canon SX10IS.


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