Planning A Photo Trip

Planning A Photo Trip

Planning A Photo Trip

planning photo tripPlanning a photo trip can be as much fun as taking your trip.  Your dream vacation will include sites and experiences that are personalized to capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are a few tips to help you plan your next photo vacation:

1. Map Your Route

Like in the Amazing Race Series . . . your destinations can be found in your map.  Even with a map some people have a tendency to get lost,  in this case just ask directions from local experts to avoid wasting time and minimize frustration.

2.  Don’t Over Schedule Your Time

If you are in charge of planning, you have to be flexible  in your schedule to allow time for problems that may crop up during your trip.

For example, I often travel with friends who are really, really late for our pre-agreed times.  I now factor in the set backs.

3. Plan Your Day

It is very irritating to go to Location A and then travel to Location B 100 miles away only to remember that you missed a historical site near Location A. It will cost precious time and gas if you are traveling with a friends.  Being prepared is better than flying by the seat of your pants, so plan your day in advance.

4.  Double Check Hours of Operation

Places may be closed when you plan to visit.  Always verify the hours and days of operation.  You don’t want to be disappointed.

5. Know The History

Use the Internet to research and discover places with historical or cultural value. Valuable information will help you and your traveling companions appreciate the significance of your photo subjects.  Plus you can make a list of photos to be sure to capture at each location so you don’t miss anything of importance. 

6. Pack Wisely

Always remember that the planning of a photo vacation also involves making a list of digital equipment needed.  Bring fully charged extra batteries and working memory cards.

On occasion I have brought a damaged memory card. This means that I had to delete some very unusual shots on my only working memory card. Now I bring several memory cards.

Also remember to check your memory cards for viruses. This happened to a friend of mine. Her beautiful photos of a fish sanctuary were turned into out of control mosaics when we tried to upload the photos to her computer.  You don’t want your photos ruined because your vacation can never be recaptured.

If you are going for tight places like caves, bring your wide angle lens. If you are going for bird photography, prepare your telephoto lens.

Bringing all the lenses you own can be a hassle, most especially if you are going on a hike. Too much equipment also means a heavier load to carry. Carrying unnecessary equipment can make you fatigued to the point that you won’t enjoy your much planned for photo trip.  Consider the weight and  necessity of your choices.

7.  Be Flexible

Be on the lookout for unplanned Kodak moments.  Often you will see scenes that catch your eye.  Seize photo opportunities that come your way. 



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