SnagIt Review – Techsmith Screen Capture Software

SnagIt Review – Techsmith Screen Capture Software

SnagIt Review – Techsmith Screen Capture Software

snagit review screen captureOnline pictures are worth a thousand words when collaborating with graphic artists, programmers and business associates. Sure there is print screen but SnagIt is infinitely better. 

For years, I have been a fan of this program.  SnagIt is always the first program loaded on any new computer of mine. 

SnagIt Constantly Improves

Just when you think this program can’t get better, Techsmith releases new versions.  Each release gets better and better.

SnagIt developers use their program to collaborate so they are always dreaming of improvements.  Their innovative programmers add goodies in each version so update often. 

What Does A Snagged Image Look Like?

Below is an example of an image of this website that has been captured, annotated and resized in SnagIt.  Capturing and annotating images to share with others is the most common use of SnagIt.

SnagIt Review - Annotation Example

SnagIt Examples

Here are a few ways to use SnagIt with your digital pictures:

1.  Snag and annotate your photos for online collaboration with business associates

2.  Snag and share your photos via MSN messenger

3.  Embed snags of your photos in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint or Excel

4.  Send your images to Flickr

5.  FTP to your blog or website directly from SnagIt

6.  Combine images to make a collage using the SnagIt editor

7.  Record videos and slideshows of your photos

8.  Provide mockups of web pages by snagging and combining images to direct web designers

9.  Test design ideas by capturing images and rearranging

10.  Chronicle your work history via images

11.  Point to changes on an image for graphic artists.

SnagIt offers free tutorials on their website which demonstrate how to use their program. 

SnagIt Summary Review and Rating

Most of my friends have taken my advice and tried SnagIt.  With their first Snag they are hooked.  Like me . . . they can’t live without this amazing program. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this program a 10+. 



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