Blue Skies and Men in Trees

Blue Skies and Men in Trees

Blue Skies and Men in Trees

tree service cutting tree

Whenever tree services come to our neighborhood, I always grab my Nikon D40 digital camera to take some pictures.  Men towering 30 feet in the air armed with chain saws against the backdrop of blue skies make beautiful photos. 

Last week, we had a dead tree that barely missed our house and power lines so the electric company sent a bucket truck with their crews.  Talking to the men gave me an appreciation for their dedication and perilous work. 

In snow storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, crews are often called upon to work 36 hours straight.  We sit in the comfort of our homes while they risk their lives to restore power in troubled areas. With fences and houses obstructing their landing zone, these men can drop tree trunks on a dime from nose bleed heights. 

My favorite photo of the day was shot through an overhanging tree branch to add dimension. The Nikon D40 automode did all the work.  The day couldn’t have been more perfect for this photo opportunity.

Below is a picture of a private tree service taking down a neighbor’s tree.  Wouldn’t want to be up that high on a live tree much less a dead tree. 

Was thinking the action shots of limbs falling would be the most interesting photos.  In this case, the saw dust leaving a trail in the sky was my favorite. 

Don’t miss these Kodak moments.  As an added bonus, offer the crews digital photos as a thank you for their risky work on your behalf. 


man cutting tree service


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