How To Make Anne Geddes Style Baby Photos

How To Make Anne Geddes Style Baby Photos

How To Make Anne Geddes Style Baby Photos

how to photoshop anne geddesAs a Photoshop retouching expert, customers often ask me to change reality.  I have erased ex-husbands and added a person to a group photo. 

My clients have lost 20 lbs without going on a diet.  Years of aging, eye bags,  double chins, and crows feet are removed without plastic surgery.  Too bad life doesn’t imitate art.  The virtual world of Photoshop is a kinder place.

Making baby photos look like they were taken by the baby photographer Anne Geddes is a common request. If you are wanting to make a baby photo in Anne Geddes’ style, you have two choices.

Option 1 –  Stage your baby using costumes and props to create an Anne Geddes like scene

Option 2 –  Become a Photoshop expert to use baby photos combined with other photos to recreate an Anne Geddes scene.

Dress Your Baby For Success

Taking your photos with props and costumes will minimize your Photoshop effort.  Anne Geddes’ sleeping babies are the easiest photos to shoot since babies sleep a lot. Create your scene in a quiet and calm location.  Play calming music.  Use lots of natural or professional lighting.  Wait for your perfect moment and snap away.

Once you have mastered sleeping baby photos, you can move on to happy baby photos which are more of a challenge.  A well fed and rested baby will do wonders for the photo session. A word of warning, never wake babies from their naps.

Babies have their own time.  You always have to adapt to their timeline.

Always have mommy near you to keep the baby calm.  Use favorite toys and fun games to capture moments of joy. 

If your photo session doesn’t work out well, don’t despair.  Your goal is to photograph as much of the staged scene as possible.   Imperfections can often be corrected in Photoshop.  Even Anne Geddes uses Photoshop techniques.

What if Your Baby Isn’t A Baby Anymore?

If your baby is grown, Photoshop can work magic to recreate an Anne Geddes photo shoot.  Find a favorite picture of your  baby. Photograph an interesting background or buy stock photos of a great background.  The higher resolution (300 dpi+) you use the better off you are.


To illustrate the basics, I started out with a photo of my friend’s baby.

flowers on baby Using Photoshop, the background was removed. Next flowers were added on the baby’s head in another layer.
photoshop flower layer for anne geddes style The background flowers were added in a layer. 

With a lot of magic using Photoshop’s contrast, brightness, color balance, curves and layers, the layers were combined. The secret is to blend, blend, blend like crazy.

Tadahhhhhh! The final baby photo Anne Geddes style is pictured at the start of this article. 

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