Hubberholme: A Forest Chapel

Hubberholme: A Forest Chapel

Hubberholme: A Forest Chapel

hubberholme forest chapel EnglandGoing through some old travel photographs, I discovered a couple of photographs that you might enjoy of Hubberholm chapel in England. On the second to the last day of a summer trip we got a lot more sunlight but England’s days were still cold. My trusty Canon automatic 135 mm film camera took these photos because digital cameras weren’t that common at the time of my visit.

We went by car to the chapel of Hubberholme (St Michael and All Angels). It was a scenic trip and we passed many historical sites along the way.

When we reached the inner roads, they were only large enough for 2 small cars to pass. Some of the Hubberholme property is surrounded by 4-5 ft tall stone walls. These are not cement walls but natural stones stacked on top of one another.

I managed to acquire a free brochure of the chapel titled "Discover Churches in Wharfedale" by Mike Harding, so some of the pertinent Hubberholme Chapel details came from that brochure: 

"The rugged and remote forest chapel with its short, unbuttressed Norman tower, has a very remarkable rood loft  of 1558, one of only two to survive in Yorkshire (the other being at Flamborough). There is a rare polygonal font: the pews are made by "Mouseman" Thompson of Kilburn. The writer, J B Priestley, is buried here."

Took a photo of the interior of the chapel around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. The only light that came through was from the glass paned window and the front door. By taking a shot from the left portion of the altar, I managed to get some details of the interior but not a very clear shot of the glass window.

The insignia of Mouseman Thompson looks like a very small mouse carved at the left side of the pew near the bottom. 

The tombstone of the writer is located on the right side of the entrance of the chapel, which is partially obscurred by the chopped off trunk of a tree. A tip for taking photos of structures like these is to walk around and get the best angle.Hubberholm Chapel England

What I regret is not taking additional film for just that sort of trip. It was a once in a lifetime look at some of the off the track tourist spots.




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